Divardy was founded in 1999 by David Rijke. With over 25 years of working experience in the bakery industry, the mission of Divardy is to improve the quality and continuity within the bakery industry in Europe.

Divardy Engineering

   - Conveyors
       o   Bottle uni chain
       o   Ammeraal-habasit-intralox
       o   Capway belt conveyors
       o   Form conveyors
       o   Product conveyors
       o   Carton box conveyors
       o   Dough conveyors
       o   Elbow
       o   Start stop moulder
   - Depanners
       o   Needle
       o   Suction
       o   Turn
       o   scrabbler
       o   Bread, toast, cake, muffin
   - Lid-de lid unit
   - Loader and unloaders tunnel oven and swing arm proofer
   - Proofers
       o   In line
       o   Step
       o   Lineair
   - Coolers
       o   Inline
       o   Step
       o   Lineair
   - Stacking forms
       o   Robo Cap
       o   Rohaco
   - Programming
       o   Siemens S5-S7
       o   SEW Movigear
       o   Allan Bradly
       o   Adept
       o   Fanuc-Kawasaki
   - Food appliance
       o   Tigerpaste
       o   Water

Divardy Engineering has a project based approach, the design trajectory start with the intake phase and finishes with the delivery and installation of the machine. Customer demands and wishes come first during the entire process.

Divardy machines are modular, this way customer specific sollutions are offered quickly and economically. Divardy engineers have years of experience in the food industry, they guarantee a reliable, hygienic and economical solution for the customer.


Divardy Engineering offers reliable, hygienic, economical machines to the food industry.
Divardy Bakery Services offers several services for the technical department of the bakery industry.

Divardy Bakery Services

- Support Technical Department
- Inspection, Revision, Maintenance
- Complete Projects
- Capway Spare Parts

Divardy Bakery Services knows the importance of production continuity, therefore twenty specialized mechanics are available 24/7 to guarantee this.

Because of years of experience in the industrial bakery industry, Divardy mechanics are quickly and flexibly deployable in every technical service.